National park tara trail

Experience untouched nature

1. Pick up and arrival

You will be picked up from the airport and driven to your first accommodation at an altitude of almost 1,100 meters. It goes straight to the Povlen Mountains, an eastern part of the Dinaric Alps. The drive to the village of Taor – a settlement that has existed since the Bronze Age – takes about 2 ½ hours and upon arrival a warm dinner awaits you. Afterwards there is plenty of time to familiarize yourself with the surroundings and your four-legged companions.

2. It starts !

After breakfast the first day of our riding tour begins – we ride from Taor to Kostojevići . Our path leads us through raspberry fields, meadows rich in herbs and dense forests. Steep paths are rewarded with breathtaking views where time and space meet. The wild nature awakens a unique feeling and lets you feel a certain lightness in the body.

3. Over stick and over stone ...

After spending the night in a cozy farm and a hearty breakfast we go for Kostojevići by Bajina Bašta further. We ride along the Drina River, one of the most historic rivers in the region. The Drina was the border between the Illyrians and the Celts, between Rome and Byzantium, between Christians and pagans, between the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires …

The river radiates a timeless energy that, in combination with the serenity of the horses, lets your soul relax .

4. In paradise

On the third day we reach the Tara National Park, known for its exotic coniferous forests and rare conifer species such as the Serbian spruce (lat. Picea omorika ) or snake-skin pine (lat. Pinus heldreichii ). But there are also various animal species to be found there, such as the eagle owl, golden eagle, wolf, brown bear, lynx, griffon vulture, as well as lots of otters and Martens. The mountain Tara is in archaeology known as the oldest reference of metalworking, dated to 3,600 years BC. After a complex riding stage through prehistoric places and wild nature, a bathing break at Lake Zaovine is the order of the day, where you can completely merge with the wilderness. Please pack suitable swimwear.

5. At the lake

Today we ride through the Tara National Park and are seduced by the smells and sounds of the coniferous forests. On the way we will see small mountain huts, most of which were built by only a few men, equipped with the most essential tools. But we will not only meet old buildings, but also different people – real highlanders, a bit sparse and distant in their appearance, but after initial acquaintance very warm and after getting to know each other better, you will discover more and more of the variety of their personality.

6. The return

We slowly leave Tara and return to Taor via Se č a Reka. On this stage, nature gives us wonderful views of countless distant valleys and mountains.

When the sky is clear, the view extends to Durmitor , the highest mountain in Montenegro – also a national park that belongs to the southern part of the Dinaric Alps .

7. Last section

After the village of Seča Reka, the next stop will be at the Taor water springs.

There are many small arteries of water that arise from the porous limestone tuff – in winter the water is rather warm and in summer quite cool, on hot summer days a glass of cold spring water gives you a very satisfying feeling. In earlier centuries there were around 20 active water mills along the water sources, which milled rye, barley and oats at full capacity. Most of them have disappeared , but a small watermill has remained that can transport us a little back in time. The freshly prepared food and the miller’s good mood underline the atmosphere and lifestyle of the highlands. After a visit to the local miller, we go up to the initial farm, where we enjoy a dinner with local fruit brandy, with which we can share our impressions and ideas.

8. Return to the airport

After a satisfying breakfast we start our journey to the airport